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{*Top & Best*} Happy Passover 2018 Wishes, Message Quotes & Sayings For Boss & Employee

Passover Wishes, Message Quotes & Sayings - Searching about Passover wishes message quotes for boss & employee? then you have landed on awesome place. here today I am sharing best message & wishes of happy Passover along with top quotes & sayings of Passover 2018. also I have shared here Adorable Passover 2018 Wishes SMS Message And Quotes || Happy Passover Quotes 2018 and [*HD*] Images, Pictures, Cards & Wallpapers Of Happy Passover 2018 - Happy Passover 2018 HD Images on my previous articles. Passover also known as Pesach. which is the 8th day festival celebrate in the springs from the 15th through the 22nd of the Hebrew month of Nissan. The festival of Passover is divided into two parts, The first two days and last two days (the latter commemorating the splitting of the Red Sea) are full-fledged holidays. Holiday candles are lit at night, and kiddush and sumptuous holiday meals are enjoyed on both nights and days. We don’t go to work, drive, write, or switch on or off electric devices. well many peoples wish their best friends, relatives, wife, husband, boss & employee on the occasion of happy Passover. peoples wish their best ones by sending top & best sms quotes message & wishes of Passover through social media like facebook, twitter, whatsapp & more. also you can wish your boss & employee by sending them latest quotes message Wishes of Passover for Boss & employee from here:

Happy Passover 2017 Wishes, Message Quotes & Sayings For Boss & Employee
Happy Passover 2018 Wishes, Message Quotes & Sayings For Boss & Employee

Best Wishes Quotes SMS & Sayings of happy Passover 2018-

Take particular care of your books…. When you lend a book to any one, make a memorandum of it before it leaves your house, and when it is returned cancel the entry. Every Passover and Tabernacles call in all your books that are out on loan. ~Judah Ibn Tibbon, advice to son, quoted by Israel Abrahams, Jewish Life in the Middle Ages, 1919

Each Jew must either give or take tzedakah [charity] for Passover. ~Sholem Aleichem (1859-1916), A Pesachdike Expropriacie, 1908

To keep green, then, the memory of the Exodus was for the Israelite not only to keep his gratitude to his Divine Redeemer ever fresh, but to ratify again and again his covenant with his religion. ~Morris Joseph, “Passover,” Judaism as Creed and Life

The religious act is done reverently and lovingly in gratitude for the ancient Redemption, and thus becomes a type of the deep religious emotion with which that memorable event ever fills the pious heart. ~Morris Joseph, “Passover,” Judaism as Creed and Life

Because I was born a slave, I love liberty more than you. ~Ludwig Börne (1786–1837)

“The willingness to sacrifice is the prelude to freedom.” – Unknown

“Freedom is within our grasp, and Pesach reminds us that we need to reach.” – Bradley Shavit Artson

“Passover affirms the great truth that liberty is the inalienable right of every human being.” – Morris Joseph

“The point of cleaning for Pesach is to remember that we are leaving Egypt, leaving the things that constrict us spiritually.” – Shimon Raichik

“Remember this day, on which you went free from Egypt, the house of bondage, how Adonai freed you from it with a mighty hand.” – Exodus 13:3

“Passover and Easter are the only Jewish and Christian holidays that move in sync, like the ice skating pairs we saw during the winter Olympics.” – Marvin Olasky

“What is national freedom if not a people’s inner freedom to cultivate its abilities along the beaten path of its history?” – Aẖad Haʿam, 1902

“The cause of Freedom and the cause of Peace are bound together.” – Léon Blum, “Problems of Peace”

“Get rid of the old leaven of sin so that you may be a new batch of dough — as you really are.” – Bible, I Corinthians 5:7

“The Exodus from Egypt occurs in every human being, in every era, in every year, and in every day.” – Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

 “The message of Passover remains as powerful as ever. Freedom is won not on the battlefield but in the classroom and the home. Teach your children the history of freedom if you want them never to lose it.” – Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks

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