How to make a new year card.
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In the recent era, most of the people celebrate the New Year by giving  gifts or surprises to their loved ones, family, friends or relatives. Surprises are the best part of life. Every person whether he or she is a kid, teenager, adult or senior citizen love the surprises. I think these are the things which amplify our happiness 10 times more. In earlier times people give handmade New Year cards to their friends and family. They write many quotes and best wishes on that New Year card for their friends which make them happy. Nowadays, New Year cards are also available in the markets which are very beautiful and decorated with flowers and colors. Most of the people buy the New Year cards from the market for their friends but some people make the New Year cards by their own self, making New Year cards for their friends make them happy or it can be the enjoyable hobby for some persons. Today in this blog, we will discuss the steps that how you can make a New Year card at your home. These are as follows:

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1. Choose a base card- First of all you choose a base card to make your New Year card. You can choose any color of the card for your New Year card. You can use any kind of card but you should keep in mind that the paper that you are going to use for your New Year card should be durable and long lasting. Your base card choice can be as simple as white paper or that paper that has the rainbow or any other colorful paper is a great option to make a New Year card for your friend. If you know artwork or love to do artwork then you can also do artwork on the paper which becomes the New Year card more beautiful. 

fold paper for making new year card

2. Fold the paper- If you are taking a full piece of paper then it is important to fold that paper so that it will be in card form. The best looking cards have a nice, crisp crease. You can also make it easily at your home. Take a ruler and measure the paper from all sides. Mark the center with the pencil and crease it horizontally in a straight line from the top to bottom. 

3. Choose the utensils to write something on the card- After folding the paper its time to gather the material for making the New Year card. You can use the colors to make the New Year cards, these days colored pens are also available to make the cards which are very beautiful and sparking. A calligraphy pen is an also best choice to write something on the New Year card. You can write any quote on the New Year card for your friends or loved one.  

4. Choose the decorative material- If you want to decorate your New Year card then you can choose the material that you are going to use. You can use the colorful ribbons to make it more decorative. Use those colors of ribbons which suits your color of the card. Some persons like stamps so you can use the stamps to make it more decorative and attractive. If you are going to give the New Year card to a child then you can make cartoons on it that is favorite of every child. 

5. Write on the card what you want to write- You can write on the card where ever you want to write. If your friend likes quotations then you should write quotations on the New Year card. You can also write the lovely messages on the New Year card. If you want to write with the sparking pen then write the quotes on the card carefully and allow it to dry completely before moving on the inside lettering. 

decorating new year card

6. Decorate the card with ribbon- If you want to decorate your New Year card then you should put the ribbons on your card  in different places. Use the multi-colored ribbons to look it more attractive. Make sure that you fix the ribbons properly with the help of the glue. After placing the ribbon with glue, allow the glue to dry it completely.

7. Add additional elements or accessories- After completing the decoration of your New Year card if you want to decorate the New Year card more then you can add some elements or accessories. You can add cut out paper shapes, stickers or fake flowers. Some people use the old coins to make it more attractive and beautiful.

8. Choose an envelope or box- After making the New Year card for your friend or loved one it’s time to choose the envelope or box for your card, it can be a nice touch. Some people make these boxes or envelopes at home. You can buy it from the market. These days many kinds of boxes are available which are very attractive and allure the persons. Many craft stores sell envelopes in a variety of colors and sizes for this purpose. Carefully put the New Year card into the envelope and seal it with the help of glue. You can write the name as well on the envelope. Your New Year card is ready to delivered or dispatched.

CONCLUSION- These days many people give the New Year cards to their loved ones on the New Year to make it memorable. There are many websites who provide the e-cards which you can send to your loved ones or friends on the New Year but if you want to become the new year memories alive then you can send him or her a handmade New Year card to your family, friends, and relatives which enhance the happiness of the New Year. You can make the New Year card at home, above are the steps that how you can make a card at home perfectly. Follow the steps and make the cards for your friends.